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perspective: world media’s Nigeria abductions insurance ‘wrong’

Interior of school dormitory
The school in north-west Nigeria become targeted in December

In our series of letters from African writers, Nigerian novelist Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani criticises international media coverage of the kidnapping of schoolchildren in Nigeria – from that of the “Chibok women” in 2014 to that of the “Kankara boys” ultimate month.

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The frenzied journalism that followed the 2014 abduction with the aid of militant Islamist neighborhood Boko Haram of more than 200 ladies from their college in Chibok, north-east Nigeria, may additionally had been neatly-that means however it ended in some unlucky outcomes.

ahead of the Chibok incident, Boko Haram chief Abubakar Shekau become only a fringe determine that Nigerians noticed on television once in ages.

When he stabbed on the digicam along with his fingers and guffawed wildly while threatening everybody from Nigeria’s then-President Goodluck Jonathan to the USA president at the time, Barack Obama, with dying and destruction, many of us puzzled: Who did this unkempt man truly think he became?

but, within the aftermath of Chibok media organizations world wide broadcast and rebroadcast Shekau’s slightest remark.

And he kept them presented with material, equivalent to videos of the kidnapped schoolgirls whom he promised to promote.

Nigeria"s President Muhammadu Buhari (L) addresses the 82 rescued Chibok girls during a reception ceremony at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, on May 7, 2017.
probably the most Chibok victims met President Muhammadu Buhari after they had been freed in 2017

those that were kidnapped have subsequently described how the militants who held them captive revelled in any information concerning the incident. The Chibok insurance inflated Shekau’s price as a media commodity, making it more and more profitable to hold him on the airwaves.

It additionally distorted the story itself.

regardless of the style it turned into coated by the international media, the Chibok kidnappings had nothing to do with “an attack on girls’ training”, rather it turned into banditry long gone incorrect.

after they were released after more than two years in Boko Haram captivity, some of these held described how the militants who attacked their faculty had been with ease on a mission to loot and steal.

‘Militants construct a global company’

After emptying out the school’s storeroom of meals, they had been then left with the problem of what to do with the students and commenced arguing.

One recommended that that they lock the ladies in a dormitory and set them on fireplace. a further cautioned that they use the girls to gain entry to their folks’ buildings local and then steal some extra food.

at last, one man got here up with the conception that would cause infamy: “let us take them to Shekau. he’ll understand what to do.”

This same account turned into recorded in a file by means of new york-based group Human Rights Watch in keeping with interviews with some of the fifty seven students who managed to get away on the nighttime of the kidnapping through leaping off the vehicles used to ferry them away.

youngsters published a few months after the incident, little attention changed into paid to that aspect.

decided to make the Boko Haram assaults about the irresistible theme of terrorists targeting female schooling, some media outlets disregarded any thread that did not healthy this narrative.

just a couple of weeks earlier than the Chibok incident, Boko Haram had attacked a college in the north-east town of Burni Yadi and allowed female college students to flee earlier than slaughtering forty boys of their dormitory.

The Burni Yadi incident attracted little media consideration unless after the Chibok kidnappings, however this extra knowledge did nothing to sway the course of reporting.


in lots of situations the media insisted on viewing the Chibok incident during the lens of gender violence, unwittingly presenting Boko Haram with the suggestions they vital to build their global brand.

Boko Haram’s use of girls as suicide bombers skyrocketed after the Chibok kidnappings, in response to a 2017 file through Combating Terrorism core at West element and Yale tuition, suggesting that the group adopted the strategy to seize headlines and elicit shock and awe.

It quickly grew to be the primary terror neighborhood in history to make use of more female suicide bombers than male, sending as a minimum eighty girls to their deaths in 2017 by myself.

“during the global response to the Chibok abductions, the insurgents learned the potent symbolic price of young feminine bodies… that the usage of them as bombers would attract consideration,” referred to Hilary Matfess, co-writer of the document.

‘movie star monster’

In February 2018, a different 110 ladies had been kidnapped by means of Boko Haram from their college within the north-east city of Dapchi.

during the past few years, the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has severely curtailed Boko Haram’s have an effect on in north-east Nigeria.

Its attacks are plenty fewer, their cling on foreign headlines lasting for hours rather than what used to be days or months. but a further protection disaster has risen elsewhere.

Gunmen, popularly observed by govt officers and native media as “bandits”, have been terrorising north-west Nigeria with robberies and kidnappings.

Politicians, entrepreneurs, commuters and even schoolchildren were kidnapped at numerous times and launched after a ransom was paid, despite the fact not on the scale viewed in December when more than 300 boys have been kidnapped from their boarding faculty on the outskirts of Kankara city closing month.

Nigerian safety brokers and officials of the Kankara community brought up that the boys were taken with the aid of bandits.

however when the foreign media swooped in and amplified the obvious hyperlink to the Chibok incident of more than six years earlier than, Shekau must have seen an opportunity.

a whole three days after the Kankara kidnapping, Boko Haram observed it became behind the assault. And, as soon as once more, many foreign shops introduced their structures for this movie star monster to dance and display. And, in the method, ran wild with a inaccurate narrative, ignoring all proof to the contrary.

‘Shekau’s megalomaniac commentary’

The numerous headlines that unquestioningly attributed the Kankara kidnappings to Boko Haram didn’t trust by what miracle the neighborhood had accelerated from its decimated operations within the north-east to the north-west, two regions that are monstrous and separate.

not even in its top did Boko Haram openly function in the north-west.

the most the militants performed changed into just a few, albeit lethal, suicide bomb assaults.

In a similar method during which he fanned his recognition in 2014, Shekau fed the media with megalomaniac commentary and a video allegedly of the Kankara boys.

"The voices of the parents were drowned in the sea of global media coverage, which appeared unbending in the determination to connect this incident with Chibok"", Source: Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani, Source description: Novelist and journalist, Image: Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani
“The voices of the folks had been drowned in the sea of international media insurance, which regarded unbending in the choice to join this incident with Chibok””, supply: Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani, supply description: Novelist and journalist, graphic: Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani

native media, while worried in regards to the expanding insecurity in Nigeria, become more sceptical concerning the Boko Haram perspective.

When Nigeria’s Cable newspaper took the time to display the video to probably the most folks, many of whom shouldn’t have web facilities and so had to rely on secondary sources to view it, they described the recording as false.

“Why are they taking part in tricks on us?” the folks asked. “This video isn’t actual. It doesn’t display our children.”

however, the voices of the parents had been drowned within the sea of global media coverage, which regarded unbending in the determination to join this incident with Chibok.

Sandals sit in the dirt following an attack on a Nigerian school
college students left their sneakers behind within the scramble that followed the attack in Kankara

Some foreign security consultants counseled that whereas direct Boko Haram involvement appears to have been discounted, Boko Haram training, aid and encouragement were worried.

Many Nigerians consider that Boko Haram took pastime best after the foreign media lined the story. The government insisted no ransom become paid to the kidnappers, who it continued to describe as “bandits”.

Media coverage of such heinous acts is crucial: governments deserve to be inspired to act, victims should be remembered and memorialised and the public must be warned.

but all this may also be refrained from inspiring more criminals and without offering them tutorials.

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