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"As a sports medicine doc, I am focused on helping my patients get and stay more active - exercise helps treat and prevent so many diseases, and I try to "practice what I preach". Tai Chi is a terrific way to help achieve fitness, keep moving and help one stay balanced - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Over the years a growing body of research evidence has accumulated on the benefits of Tai Chi. Looking for a way to keep moving and stay healthy, I found my way to Tai Chi and Full Circle Synergy. Now in my third year of studying and practicing Tai Chi with the staff at FCS, I can attest to it's benefits - flexibility, balance, core stability and, for me, a "moving meditation". I have incorporated this into my life-personally and professionally - and recommend both Tai Chi (and FCS!) to many of my patients and to you. Try it.

Try it at Full Circle Synergy. You will be welcomed."

~William W. Dexter, MD, FACSM, Director, Sports Medicine Program -Maine Medical Center. Professor, University of Vermont College of Medicine

"Following retirement, I began taking beginner classes at Full Circle Synergy just in time, as it turned out, to help prepare me for major surgery. My regular home practice and weekly Fundamentals classes accelerated my healing. Now I continue to benefit from Form classes and the personable and professional teachers."
~ George, age 67

“Tai Chi and Qigong improve core strength and postural control. My patients report increased flexibility, balance and sense of well- being. I recommend it for people of all physical abilities and challenges, as the practice can be modified while still providing significant health benefits.”
~ Dr. Eden Zoll D.O., Portland Osteopathic

“At age 85 I enrolled in T’ai Chi Fundamentals and my balance and stability improved so much that I have taken three more classes. The exercises can be tailored to any level of fitness--and age! I would recommend Qigong and T’ai Chi as complementary therapy for patients with balance problems and stress related diseases including cancer. I encourage my peers still in practice to do likewise, and I suggest that you ask your doctor which class may be right for you.”
~ Laban W. Leiter, M.D., retired

I often recommend Qi Gong to my patients as part of an integrative approach to healing. Under the guidance of qualified teachers like those at FCS I have found it to be a safe and effective mind-body exercise. Well designed studies support the use of Qi Gong for treating common problems such as high blood pressure, particularly when combined with conventional medical care. Emerging evidence also suggests that people with a diverse range of conditions may benefit from these practices.
~ Craig Schneider, MD - Director of Integrative Medicine, Maine Medical Center Family Practice Residency Program

At 73 it had been sometimes difficult for me to bend over to pick up things in the garden, and in the house. Your teaching me - "Tai Chi Pulsing" - how to bend down like a small child—with back straight and bottom way out back, so my weight is balanced over my feet—has made a big difference to me. Thank you! ~ Mary Rowe

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