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the uk Navy is preparing to mobilize armed ships against French fishermen if negotiators can not strike a Brexit deal

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The constitution has an answer for seditious members of Congress

Let’s evaluation two items of information from the ultimate week. First, the American coronavirus pandemic is entering its worst stage yet, with circumstances and deaths skyrocketing throughout the country. closing Thursday noticed over three,000 deaths — more than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor — and with ICU beds at or close means in lots of the country, absent severe change it is viable there can be double and even triple that number per day in a count number of weeks. We may additionally yet accurate the deadliest day in American heritage, the Galveston storm of 1900 that killed an estimated eight,000 individuals, very soon. President Trump is doing precisely nothing about this.2d, Texas attorney frequent Ken Paxton, who’s beneath investigation for bribery and abuse of workplace, filed a baldly seditious lawsuit calling for the Supreme court docket to overturn the election results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and hand their electoral votes to Trump. It become flatly an try to overturn the 2020 election, end constitutional executive, and installation Trump in energy. earlier than the Supreme court docket threw the suit out Friday night, 17 different Republican state attorneys popular had joined him, together with 126 members of the Republican caucus within the residence, while Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has agreed to signify Trump. And this is just one of dozens of attempts that Republicans at all stages of govt have concocted to overturn Trump’s loss.briefly, fabric conditions during this nation have not been this unhealthy given that 1932 at the least, and the political situation has not been this dangerous because 1860. The logical endgame of the rapidly-accelerating Republican try to destroy democracy whereas the nation burns would be civil conflict — if it weren’t for the high likelihood that Democratic leaders can be too cowardly to combat.however it’s price brooding about what a party severely committed to retaining democracy would do when confronted with a seditious opposition birthday celebration — particularly, reduce them out of vigor and force them to behave. Democrats could declare all traitors ineligible to serve in country wide office, convene a Patriot Congress composed solely of people who haven’t dedicated revolt towards the American govt, and use that vigor to re-entrench democracy.The reasoning right here is terribly fundamental. All contributors of Congress swear an oath to protect and guard the charter, which establishes a republican kind of executive. The whole factor of a republic is that contests for power are performed through a framework of guidelines and democratic elections, the place all parties conform to appreciate the result whether they lose or win. additionally, the premise of this lawsuit turned into completely preposterous — arguing in impact that states should still not be allowed to set their personal election rules if that capability extra Democrats can vote — and gives no proof in any respect for false allegations of tens of heaps of instances of voter fraud. indeed, several of the representatives who help the lawsuit have been themselves just elected via the very votes they now say are fraudulent. The proposed treatment — having Republican-dominated legislatures in only the four states that gave Biden his margin of victory opt for Trump electors — can be straight-up election theft.In different phrases, this lawsuit, however it didn’t prevail, is a flagrant attempt to overturn the constitutional gadget and impose through authoritarian capability the rule of thumb of a corrupt criminal whose doltish incompetence has gotten lots of of thousands of americans killed. it’s a “seditious abuse of the judicial procedure,” as the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin jointly wrote in their response to Texas making an attempt to steal their elections.The charter, as goofy and jerry-rigged because it is, stipulates that insurrectionists who violate their oath aren’t allowed to serve in Congress. section three of the Fourteenth amendment, written to exclude confederate Civil conflict traitors, says that “No person will be a Senator or consultant in Congress … who … having up to now taken an oath, as a member of Congress … to help the charter of the us, shall have engaged in rebel or insurrection in opposition t the identical[.]” How the Supreme court dominated, or whether Republicans in fact accept as true with their lunatic claims, is inappropriate. it’s still riot even though it doesn’t work out.Democrats would have each correct, each under the constitution and below the principle of established sovereignty outlined in the assertion of Independence, to convene a traitor-free Congress (additionally together with an identical acts dedicated by way of Republican senators like Lindsey Graham, David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler, and others), and pass such laws as would be critical to preserve the American republic. That may include a country wide standard vote to decide the presidency, ironclad balloting rights protections, a ban on gerrymandering either national or state district boundaries, full illustration for the citizens of D.C. and Puerto Rico, regulations on web platforms which are inflaming violent political extremism, a clear prison framework for the transfer of energy that ends the lame duck length, and the like. States can be compelled to agree to these measures before they could substitute their traitorous representatives and senators. If the Supreme court objects, more professional-democracy justices can be brought.This wouldn’t be the primary time any such component has took place, both. instantly after the Civil warfare, the radical Republican Congress refused to seat delegations from the previous rebellious states until they were convinced with the growth of Reconstruction. Southern states have been forced to ratify the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments — which guaranteed due procedure and generic male suffrage — earlier than their congressional delegations would be seated. (As a consequence, those delegations covered a large number of Black representatives, unless Reconstruction become overthrown.)it is essentially impossible to imagine the historical, timid fossils that run the Democratic party even on the grounds that this sort of element (even though remarkably, Rep. invoice Pascrell of new Jersey has) since it would require courage, imaginative and prescient, and actually reckoning with the parlous state of the nation. it will not be unlawful, nevertheless it would be a step beyond narrow prison proceduralism and into the uncharted waters of aggressive political innovation and raw will-to-vigour. It may conceivably spark off armed unrest in several states.but it’s not hard to peer the place the present conservative trajectory is headed. whereas elected Republicans have tried to overturn the election the usage of increasingly blatant methods, exact conservative pundits are mulling the conception of secession, as their treasonous fireplace-eater forebears did 160 years ago. The lie that Biden stole the election is now professional GOP dogma. with the aid of the identical token, it isn’t a twist of fate that the Republican birthday celebration is ignoring the deadly pandemic (if no longer actively spreading the virus) while they are trying to overturn the constitution. They consider they can safely ignore the welfare of the American americans, as a result of they aren’t dependable to them.unless this escalating conservative extremism halts from the interior in some way — which isn’t remotely in sight anyplace — this can simplest conclusion at last in a violent war of words, or (a good deal greater probably) Democrats will without problems quit and let themselves be defeated. nevertheless, this nation became headquartered with the aid of americans who thought it became value putting their lives at hazard to throw off tyrannical rule. in all probability a few of that spirit can once once again be found.greater studies from famous GOP donor urges Republican senators to ascertain Biden’s DHS pick 5 scathing cartoons about Congress’ stimulus gridlock 7 criminally funny cartoons about Trump’s advantage pardon spree